What We Do.

A ministers' network for mentoring and care.

Sanctuary Network was born from the belief that life in ministry is not supposed to occur in a vacuum. Instead, we are supposed to be surrounded by a community that provides love, care, mentoring, training, development, resourcing, and rest. Whether you are called a pastor, rector, priest, minister, or bishop, you and your family face unique challenges that are better off tackled within a community of peers who understand what you are going through and are prepared to provide what you need.

We are that community!

Large Group Gatherings

Each month we gather together for good food, relationship building, an enlightening learning and development session, and resourcing. The majority of the monthly gatherings will focus on a topic facilitated by a humble subject-matter-expert who is compassionate to those seated in the room and willing to answer any number of questions to help the attendees. Additional services such as counseling appointments, financial consulting, healing prayer, or other offerings may be included at the end of the discussion time. All present leave having been informed, cared for, encouraged, resourced, and loved.


More Than Coffee

More Than Coffee is a support group that meets regularly in different parts of the city. Based on the 12-step tradition of spiritual care, these one-hour sessions are designed to allow attendees the opportunity to share without judgment the struggles they are experiencing in order receive support and care. Strict confidentiality is observed to allow for complete honesty and vulnerability necessary for healing and growth.

Contact us to find out where and when the next More Than Coffee is taking place.

Members Access

Members of Sanctuary Network not only get access to Large Group Gatherings and More than Coffee events, but to other resources as well. Partnerships have been created that offer members opportunity for discounted service rates from various support entities in the Greater Houston area. These partners may include but not be limited to counseling centers, spiritual directors, leadership and life coaches, financial planners, and more.

Additional exclusive content and resources are also made available to all members.